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The teacher responsible for leading this subject is Mr Love.

It has never been more important for our children to have a secure understanding of  number, shape, calculation and the logic and reasoning skills, which are developed in Maths so that they can confidently navigate real life problems, understand how to manage money and engage confidently with an ever more technologically orientated society.

Our small class sizes ensure that all pupils receive the help they need to develop these important skills. Pupils also have access to interactive online resources, both in school and at home, to practise their recall and develop fluency. Enjoyable practical tasks and investigations provide opportunities to problem solve and apply logical reasoning. Maths skills are also employed in other subject areas, e.g. Science and Art to ensure that pupils can apply their learning in different situations. Challenge is provided in the form of tasks that require pupils to think more deeply and critically about the Mathematics they are undertaking.


Here is our policy detailing how Mathematics is taught at St George's Prep.

Activities such as baking help to reinforce mathematical concepts - weighing and measuring
Activities such as baking help to reinforce mathematical concepts - weighing and measuring

At Saint George's we employ a Maths Mastery approach, which aims to develop deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Our core Mathematics scheme is White Rose Maths - this provides carefully structured lessons, plenty of practise of key skills and extension tasks to challenge those children working at greater depth.

Plenty of time is spent exploring numbers and particularly early on, using manipulative resources such as counters and tens frames to build a concrete understanding of place value, before moving onto abstract calculations, while older children use a wide variety of representations such as part- whole diagrams and bar modelling for this, although approaches are adapted depending on the needs of the individual child.

Pupil progress is monitored through continual assessment, and pupils in years 2-5 sit GL Assessment exams twice yearly. Whilst Year Six do not do SATs in May, they undergo continual assessment and  also sit assessments twice yearly. Many children in each class are assessed as working at greater depth (beyond DfE expected level for a child of the same age group).

We believe that every child should have a rapid recall of number facts and times tables. St George's Prep has its own graded times tables challenges which are completed several times a week. Pupils work towards bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates which are presented when a child correctly completes the number fact challenges within five minutes.

Digital platforms such as TTRockStars reinforce times tables facts and enable children to gain valuable practise at home.