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From Mr Clarke (one of our peripatetic music teachers)

As a peripatetic music teacher, I have the privilege of visiting several schools, but teaching at St George's Preparatory School in Boston is a highlight of my week. The school's commitment to fostering a love of music in their students is truly inspiring. The children are enthusiastic, talented, and eager to learn, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere in every lesson. The supportive environment provided by the staff and the administration allows me to tailor my teaching approach to each child's individual needs, helping them to flourish musically. It's incredibly rewarding to witness their progress and passion for music. St George's is not just a school; it's a community where creativity and excellence in music are nurtured and celebrated. This is evidenced by several past pupils now attending the Royal College of Music and playing to audiences across the country.

I just wanted to express how delighted we are that we found St George’s. F would have been lost in a state school with large class sizes. She has thrived with the nurturing, family environment. Her confidence has sky rocketed and she now believes that she can achieve anything and is doing just that! 

Both F and J are really benefitting from the enriched curriculum and teaching that you are providing. You can just see that the teachers at SGP love teaching the children as much as the children love being taught by them! It’s really beautiful to see. 

Thank you for giving them the best foundations for their education, and long may it continue! 

Mr and Mrs R.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend St Georges to any other parents considering where to place their children. Having enjoyed two very positive years with our daughter in 'Little Dragons' pre-school and Year One, it was a foregone conclusion that our son would also start his school journey at St Georges at the earliest opportunity.

By any yardstick it is an exceptional environment, thanks to such factors as the intimate class sizes, the exceptional one-on-one attention each child enjoys, the high academic standards and the varied extracurricular activities.

Additionally, I believe pupils at St Georges benefit from the school's less tangible qualities; qualities that arise only within institutions where manners, kindness, politeness and decency are both encouraged and expected. 

I consider this school to be a genuinely special place for children to grow, learn and develop, and I'm grateful that it exists in my locality to provide my own children with the perfect grounding for their later years.

Mr C.

A high quality of education is important to us as parents, but equally we value our children’s development as young people. We were drawn by the family feel of the school, with each child treated as an individual and staff having a detailed understanding of our children.
The small class sizes and active teaching style enhance our children’s thirst for learning.

 Z - I love going to school because the teachers are kind and I have lots of friends.
 A - My teachers support me with my learning and make it fun.

Mr and Mrs W.



The school has helped me a lot since I started. It helped me with my weakest subjects and made them my strongest. All of my teachers are really nice and the lunch is really nice too. (J, Pupil transferred from a local school one year ago)


My new school has:

  • better food
  • better teachers
  • is more strict
  • you don't get hit
  • good children
  • better learning
  • is quieter
  • better sports
  • great learning in the forest (E, New pupil in first full term at St George's Prep) 

We did this (moved schools) with P and it was the best academic decision we could have done, the school is absolutely fantastic and gives the children the best diverse learning experiences and education possible. Above everything else our daughter is happy and thriving at St Georges. Please take this amazing opportunity if you are considering a private school as it might give you a fresh perspective on children’s education. (Parents of P, year 5 pupil)


The thing I love about SGPS is that if ever you need a friend, there's always someone around the corner.  (C, Key Stage 2 pupil) 


The school has an amazing abundance of animals from birds to deer to badgers and more. (A, Key Stage 2) 


We have a DOG! (M, Key Stage 2)