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A Forward Thinking Prep School!

When visitors step foot into St George's Prep, they experience an environment and education which knows no bounds! The school is housed in an extraordinary Grade II listed building with so many unique and historical artefacts. The old is contrasted dramatically with the new - new ways of teaching, new methods of thinking and the absolute freedom to push the boundaries of education and learning. We have our own unique curriculum which ensures that our pupils remain firmly at the centre of all of their learning.

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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." William Butler Yeats

This is the reason why our pupils run into school every day, full of excitement as they never know what the day may hold.....there may be the opportunity to help to prune the willow dome, visit a place of interest, the chance to walk Bean at lunchtime, to participate in a mindfulness session, visit our farm, compete against another school, enjoy a drama lesson or to use the fruit from our own trees to make a crumble to take home for tea.

You could be forgiven for thinking...

Well, this sounds great, but when do they do 'proper' work?

or...This is too good to be true!


We believe that there's nothing more off-putting than working through a series of worksheets, knowing that when you've finished one sheet, you do the next and so on. Worksheets aren't exactly banned at St George's, but we look for more exciting ways of engaging our pupils. Our lessons are balanced to ensure that our children receive 'all of the necessary basics,' but these aspects are often enhanced using real life activities so that pupils can understand the relevance of their learning.

Children learn best by doing, proving the old Chinese proverb correct:

I hear and I forget,

I see and I remember,

I do and I understand.


Thus, a teacher might carry out a baking task to teach and reinforce the concept of ratio - challenging pupils to change a recipe for two people into a recipe for five people. When learning about the Great Fire of London, our children made cardboard models of houses and watched as they were set alight, proving how fast the fire spread. They were then able to accurately describe the ferocity and heat of the fire. Our Year 3 children didn't learn about mummification from text books, they used various substances to mummify sardines. This then led to the children explaining concepts of dehydration and moisture content! Not bad for seven year olds!

Harvesting our giant courgettes
Harvesting our giant courgettes
Year 3 ready for at day at our farm.
Year 3 ready for at day at our farm.
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