Telephone: 01205 317600 or Email us here St George's Preparatory School & Little Dragons Nursery 126 London Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7HB

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Parents are very welcome at St George's!

Too often people see a school as an institution for the education of children....... Whilst this is a true reflection of what we do, the way we do it is quite different.

As a child's prime carer, parents play a huge part in the education of their offspring and as such it is our duty to ensure that we involve the whole family in school life! Don't be surprised if your child's teacher wishes you a happy birthday or asks how grandma is. We're not being nosey, it's just that when a child enrols at our school, we work with the whole family and take a genuine interest in life beyond the school gates.

We hold termly parents meetings, send out termly written reports and invite parents into school to share special occasions. It's more of an open door approach, rather than a 'see you at the school gates' one! In this way, if ever parents have a worry or concern, we are able to tackle it as soon as it occurs rather than waiting for a situation to escalate.

St George's also actively encourages parents and carers to take an active part in school life. From listening to readers, help with special projects, fundraising, arranging visits, hosting information evenings to name but a few, we really want our school to be a community for the benefit of all rather than just the few.