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St George's Preparatory School Ethos

A visit to St George’s Preparatory School will give you more of an insight into our ethos than any amount of words can portray, so please do come and experience at first hand our unique atmosphere and observe our wonderful boys and girls at work.

We are a small, family-run school where the important traditional values of courtesy, consideration and respect matter enormously. Our children have a strong sense of right and wrong and behavioural incidents are rare due to our effective pastoral system and simple behaviour management policy.

Ofsted (Sept 2012) said: Pupils take responsibility for their decisions and understand that there are consequences to their actions. They are well motivated by rewards and understand sanctions are needed in order to promote best behaviour. They are adamant that there is no bullying because everyone gets on so well together. School logs and records confirm this. Consequently their behaviour and manners are outstanding. Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding, as is behaviour. Pupils become confident, articulate, well-rounded young people while they are at the school.

At St George’s, we believe that every child should experience success every day – we cherish and nurture each child and are as proud of their achievements as they are!

Class sizes are enviably small – fifteen children or less in each year group. This means that all children receive individual attention and that all teachers know their children (and their families!) exceptionally well. Teachers are able to plan for progression for individuals, not for a group of children with broadly similar needs as may be the case in larger schools. Most importantly, as an independent school our curriculum permits teachers to therefore give their uninterrupted time to the children – following their interests and developing their concentration, inquisitiveness and abilities to the full.

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