Telephone: 01205 317600 or Email us here St George's Preparatory School & Little Dragons Nursery 126 London Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7HB

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About Little Dragons

Little Dragons Pre School is rated by Ofsted (Sept 2012 and Jan 2016) as 'outstanding.'

It undoubtedly provides your child with the best possible start to their early years education. Our mature and experienced practitioners ensure that each day is packed with exciting learning opportunities, both indoors and outdoors that are accessed through age and stage appropriate play.

The layout of the room and the purchase of furniture and resources has been given careful thought. There are areas for creating - with art materials readily available, areas for building, dressing up and make believe play, a quiet area for reading and relaxing, an IT area with programmable toys and a computer/interactive whiteboard, sand and water as well as small world toys such as railways, cars and zoos. Visitors always comment on how calm our environment is, even though there are usually around 15 children present. Our answer is that the children are engaged in what they are doing. Why? Because we know our children and plan activities which we know will excite and interest them as well as furthering their learning and understanding. Boredom is not an option at Little Dragons!

So how do our children make so much progress if they are playing all day? To understand the answer, you first of all have to understand our approach. It all starts with knowing the child - their interests, likes and dislikes, but most importantly, how they prefer to learn (their learning style). We ask new parents to give us as much information as possible about their child and to keep updating us - parents know their child so much better than we can ever hope to. Our methods do not produce clones who learn in a robotic, detached fashion, filling in worksheets or copying from the board. No two children are alike and we nurture and celebrate their uniqueness. We therefore plan to incorporate the variety of learning styles and children's interests into the activities offered along with the introduction of new vocabulary and well thought out questions to encourage children to think deeply about what they are experiencing. We know, (because studies and research show us) that boys tend to avoid books and pencils and paper. So, how do we deal with this when any parent will tell you that the more one pushes, the more a child will resist? We are a little crafty and also know the things which make boys tick! We therefore put notebooks and clipboards in the construction areas, we leave builders catalogues (thanks B&Q!) open at pages which will make boys want to turn the pages. We make pencils in Forest School lessons (from elder) and make our own charcoal - the children can't wait to use them! Enough of our secrets...... if you would like to know more, please come and visit.

We know our approach works because our parents, children and Ofsted tell us so! Please look at our 'reviews' page and our Ofsted report.

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